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A: The official website provides comprehensive information about Karnataka State. Apart from covering the glorious history, culture and heritage of Karnataka, tourist destinations, it also provides details about awards, e-servicesextended to citizens, entrepreneurs and Government employees. The website has also information about various, departments, districts, representatives, official contact directory and offers various other features which makes it unique compared to other States.

A. Yes. The official website only covers the details about the State but has also ensured to provide e-Services platform for the benefit of general public and entrepreneurs. e-Services can be accessed by clicking the ‘e-Services’ button provided on website. It opens a new page with opens of Government Mobile Apps, Services for Citizens (G2C), Services for Business People (G2B) and Services for Government Employees.

A. Since the official administrative language of Karnataka State is Kannada, the website has been made available in ‘Kannada’ language. For those who are not familiar with the local language, they can change the language preference to English.

A. Yes, the State Government website is designed to be responsive and made available for use on devices such as mobile and tablets.

A: Karnataka Website has been provided ‘Feedback’ option where citizens can share their opinions on various subjects.

A. Yes, this website is designed with the Grievance Menu on the homepage, which gets redirected to the Public Grievance Redressal website where citizens can air their grievances.

A. Yes. The website has been made compatible for people with colour blindness. The website has been made available in Black and White to ensure easy access. Clicking on the letter ‘A’ in the black box at the top right corner of the website will convert the webpage to black and white which makes it easy for viewing.

A. Yes.Visitors to the website have been provided with an option of taking a survey by clicking on the Survey button on the Menu Bar.

A. Yes, citizens can file their RTI online applications by clicking on the RTI button on Menu Bar which redirects them to

A. We have provided the link to which is the official website for the mobile applications hosted by various departments of the State Government. The link to the Government Apps is made available under the E-Services option on the Menu Bar.

A. We have provided the link to Government Contact Details at the footer of the website which has the contact information from Hon’ble Governor’s office, Chief Minister’s Office, Ministers, Chief Secretary, Additional Chief Secretaries and others.

A. Yes, the website has been designed conforming to the recommendations of “Government of India Website Guidelines (GIGW)”, “Accessibility Guidelines” and Recommendations of the “Kannada AbhivrudhiPradhikara”.


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Please note that this page also provides links to the websites / web pages of Govt. Ministries/Departments/Organisations. The content of these websites are owned by the respective organisations and they may be contacted for any further information or suggestion.


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