Frequently Asked Questions

A: The official website of the Government of Karnataka is accredited by the State Government, and various government departments upload information to this website. This acts as a one stop hub for all the departmental websites of the Government of Karnataka.

A. The official website indents to magnify the comprehensive information about Karnataka state. It covers the glorious history, culture and heritage of Karnataka, famous tourist destinations, awards, e-services, information about representatives, official contact directory and many more to choose from..

A. The online services provided by the various departments of the State government are made available through the external link provided on this website. It can be accessed by clicking on the "e-Services" menu, the new page opens with information about "Services for Citizens (G2C)", "Government Employees (G2G)" and "Entrepreneurs (G2B)" separately.

A. The official state portal is also made available in both English and Kannada languages.

A: Yes, the state government website is designed to be responsive and made available for use on devices such as mobile.

A. A citizen can participate in the government process by clicking on the "Feedback" menu on the homepage to submit their valuable feedback.

A. Yes, this website is designed with the Grievance Menu on the homepage, which gets redirected to the Public Grievance Redressal website. The citizens can lodge grievance complaint by clicking on the Grievance menu.

A. Yes, the website is also made available in black and white colour. Just by clicking on the black letter "A" at the top right corner of the website will convert to black and white for easy viewing.

A. Yes, you can take a survey and rate us by clicking on Survey link provided in the right-hand corner of the homepage and take a survey in the newly opened page.

A. Yes, citizens can file RTI online by clicking on RTI link on the top right-hand corner of the website. Online RTI web application opens in a new tab upon clicking to lodge complaints.

A. Yes, the mobile apps published by various departments of the state government are made available in the "Government Apps" section in the footer of the homepage.

A. Contact information of state officials and representatives can be obtained by clicking on the "Government Contact Manual" provided in the footer section of the home page.

Yes, this website is designed according to the "Government of India Website Guidelines (GIGW)”, “Accessibility Guidelines” and Recommendations of the “Kannada Abhivrudhi Pradhikara”.

Disclaimer :

Please note that this page also provides links to the websites / web pages of Govt. Ministries/Departments/Organisations. The content of these websites are owned by the respective organisations and they may be contacted for any further information or suggestion.


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