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Real Time Hydrometeorological Data
Hydrology Project II


The overall project development objective is to extend and promote the sustained and effective use of Hydrologic Information System by all potential users concerned with water resources planning and management thereby contributing to improved productivity and cost-effectiveness of water related investments.

The Government vide G.O. No.WRD/8/Rajayo/2004, Bangalore Dt: 24.12.2004 has accorded approval to the implementation of the said project with World Bank assistance and as per the Ministry of Water Resources guidelines.


The Karnataka component of Hydrology Project is being implemented by two agencies viz Surface Water component by Water resources Department and the Ground Water by Department of Mines & Geology. In the first meeting of State Level Coordination Committee, the Chief engineer, Hydrology & CMO has been made the Nodal Officer for Surface Water component of the Project while Joint. Director (Adm) has been made the Nodal Officer for Ground Water component of the Project.


A review of the various activities which are proposed to be taken up under Hydrology Project - II indicates that a majority of the expenditure is concentrated for development of software packages for better utilization of Water Resources in the State.

The main components are:

1. Institutional strengthening, which includes consolidation of Hydrology Project-I activities, awareness raising, dissemination and knowledge sharing and implementation support.
2. Vertical Extension, which includes development of Hydrological design aids, Development of Decision Support system, implementation of Purpose driven studies.

The project became effective from 5th April 2006 and is scheduled to end on 30.06.2012.
The main achievements till date include establishment of telemetric real time data transfer system for 1009 Raingauges spread all over the state, Telemetric water level recorders at 10 important reservoirs , six Telemetric Automated weather stations and establishment of computer centre at KERS by providing Computers, furniture etc.
It is also now proposed similar real time data transfer system for gauging the inflows into important reservoirs of the state.

National Hydrology Project Phase-II
Karnataka Surface Water.



Hydrology Project Phase -II is a World Bank Aided Project and Government of India has included the state of Karnataka for participating in the Hydrology Project Phase - II. It has allocated a provision of Rs. 23.53 crores for the purpose. This has again been divided into two components.

Surface Water Component - Rs. 9.09 Crores
Ground Water Component - Rs. 14.44 Crores
Total: - Rs. 23.53. Crores

Hydrology Project - II is a follow up action project of World Bank Aided Hydrology Project - I, wherein infrastructure for collection of data was established. The data so collected is now proposed for utilization in the new Hydrology Project - II.

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